What we did in 2011

A great thank to all our loyal customers who contributed to a successful year in 2011.
Your patronage greatly contributed to our success in 2011. AutoIntegrity has constantly improved its services and continues to add more new features to its existing products.  Below is some features and improvements that had been added throughout the past year.

1. iPad app for AI Mobile
2. iPhone app for taking photos and automatically putting them on to the job
3. Add item buttonfor AI Mobile which lets the Assessor add  items to the quote
4. Automated invoice validation which now supports multiple repairers per assessment
5. Force validation button for AI Mobile
6. iPad Reporting which bring real time reporting to the iPad for managers
7. New AI Report Engine
8. New scanner software so that the scan documents go instantly onto AutoIntegrity
9. Greatly improved the parser that read quotes & invoices from 2790 different Repairers in 2011
10. Diary system for keeping track of assessments in AutoIntegrity
11. New Zealand, South Africa, and Ireland versions of AutoIntegrity
12. SMS out of AI Mobile
13. 15 revisions of AI Black
14. 6 revisions of AI Mobile
15. Greatly improved performance of AutoIntegrity at the same time increasing features
16. Upgraded the AutoIntegrity Servers to insure reliable service
17. Multiple time zone support
18. New WOVA for NSW, NT and WA
19. Upgraded all AI Customers to Black version of AutoIntegrity
20. Improved AI Calendar features
21. Mysmash.com.au system for Repairers to access there jobs in AI
22. New AutoLodge system for Insurers to access there jobs in AI

Wishing everyone a successful 2012 using the No.1 assessing system in Australia.