iPad2 Camera review for motor assessing

After field testing the iPad2 camera last week…

The camera is
1. low quality
2. only works well out doors
3. fixed focus lens
4. resolution is 0.7 MP, 960 x 720 pixels
5. Need to stand back further away from Vehicle due to focal length is zoomed in more than standard digital cameras, and this is amplified by the cropping the AutoIntegrity app does when photo is taken in portrait mode.

iPad2 benefits
1. check email on road
2. put car details directly into AutoIntegrity
3. adjust and email quote and authority from AutoIntegrity
4. look up jobs in AutoIntegrity while on the road
5. take photos with the above limitations directly into AutoIntegrity
6. cost efficient compared to tablet pcs – tablet pc costs around 4000-8000NZD unless you get one on special, then there around 2000NZD
7. easy to use compared to tablet pcs – the 3g sim is built in so it always on, no virus and stuff like that to worry about. easy to reinstall/ restore ipad from itunes. Also the inbuild 3g option costs up 600NZD extra for tablet pc. Thus making the ipad2 a very cheap mobile computer which AutoIntegrity has developed heavily on because of this value.

To download the AutoIntegrity app for iPad2 please click on the link below.