AutoIntegrity insurance assessing system

insurance assessing system

AutoIntegrity the first web based mobile assessing system in Australia, that is compatible with all repairer estimating systems. Designed from the bottom up, for the Assessors ease of use. Both in the office and on the road.

The unique service AutoIntegrity provides the insurance assessor insurers 100% compatibility with all repairer quotes and invoice without any cost for the repairer. Thus allowing for one simply more efficient process, instead of a dual paper electronic system. The work in completed on site.

In 2000 AutoIntegrity was the first web based assessing system on the Australian market. Now after 10 years of refinement AutoIntegrity is releasing the latest completely electronic mobile system provides an end to end process for on road and for the desktop. Which means when you have assessed the vehicle you have assessed the vehicle. AutoIntegrity automatically adds up the adjusted quote, produces the assessors report, emails the authority to the repairer, and integrates with the insurers claim system. Making it the fastest assessing system in Australia to date.

Please visit or contact 1300 73 15 32 for a free one month trial today. And see why more Assessors chose AutoIntegrity than any other system today.