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Motion computing

Have you heard of Motion Computing Tablet PC’s? Motion Computing Tablet PC’s represent an entirely new category of computers specifically designed for people who are walking while working.  Think of it like a digital notepad – everything is electronic – the computer will seamlessly record your handwritten notes, or will automatically convert your handwriting into text.

In practice, when using web-based software like Autointegrity or Crashzone, you can simply click on the link, or select from a drop down menu to enter all the details. As easy as filling out a form. But for Motor Assessors the benefit of Motion Computing Tablet PC’s is being able to complete estimates at the car, or offsite from wherever you are, thereby improving your workflow and reducing the need for typing out everything when you get back to the office. Think about how much time you could save every day by removing paperwork. Also, once you switch to entering all information digitally nothing ever gets lost, and as soon as you write it in everyone else can see it. Instantly.

Now you may not have heard of Motion Computing as they don’t advertise on TV, but unlike conventional computing products, Motion Computing Tablet PC’s are specifically designed for Industry Verticals, such as Field Sales and Service, and provides a number of benefits for you, such as:

–      The Computer Screen can be easily seen outside in direct sunlight (try this with your Notebook!);
–      The Tablet is rugged and can withstand being dropped, getting wet or dirty (definitely don’t try this with your Notebook!);
–      and they are the only PC vendor in Australia fully certified for use on Telstra Next G Wireless Broadband network – everything else is half the speed.

Motion Computing Tablet PC’s are currently being purchased by Major Insurance Companies and leading Smash Repairers who recognise that the latest technology can increase their productivity by making their business more efficient.

If you are interested in finding out how Motion Computing Tablet PC’s can help your business call Workflow Computing on (02) 9029-8056 or visit the website at Workflow Computing is the only dedicated Motion Computing online retailer in Australia.