AutoIntegrity Products & Services

Technology has changed for ever the way in which we do business. But more so it has changed the expectations of our customers. Everyone wants things done quicker, cheaper and more intensely than ever before, and unless we embrace the efficiencies that technology can bring, many will loose business because of inconsistent performance or be resigned to lower business returns due to increasing costs of meeting increasing customer demands.

AutoIntegrity – Online Motor Vehicle Claims Management & Assessing System
AutoIntegrity started life as an electronic damage assessment management system, facilitating digital assessments, consistently high quality documentation and exceptionally rapid communications between all stakeholders in the management of vehicle repairs. (Vehicle owners, assessors, repairers and claims managers).

AutoIntegrity was primarily designed with assessors in mind, providing a state of the art assessing and communications tool, effectively shaving days off the assessing turnaround times.. With our increasing market presence, continual innovation and programme development, AutoIntegrity is increasingly becoming the tool of choice for claims managers and insurance companies. Our system provides similar savings for insurers and claims managers, shaving days, hours and minutes off claims processing times. Additionally it links with all motor vehicle repairers, irrespective of the way in which they prepare quotes.

AutoIntegrity makes all processes simpler and more efficient for all organisations and people involved.