Desktop Assessing

 Desktop Assessing

Operating through a Web-based system, AutoIntegrity Desktop Assessing is a comprehensive assessing software system that can be integrated with your clients systems to facilitate a streamlined process, shaving days of normal assessing procedures.

Quotes are received electronically regardless of the repairers quoting methodology and fields are automatically populated from the relevant information. This is the only system in Australia that is 100% compatible with all repairers in Australia eliminating the need for re-entry of data.

Quotes are electronically prepared and adjusted directly on-line with sophisticated assessment adjustment tools working in time, value and global changes. Adjusted quotes are emailed or faxed directly to the repairer, as are assessment reports to your clients in electronic format.

Authorities are issued at the click of a button and send to repairers by email. Invoices are generated electronically and sent to your clients via email. Job note is kept on the system.

AutoIntegrity Development Team