AutoIntegrity Support scheduled from 8am-6pm ( Monday – Friday ) EST
Phone support on 02 9011 6648
Email support on
Our remote support prefenrece: Team Viewer

Customer satisfaction does not end with delivery of a product. We are committed to developing and maintaining our partnership with the customer in the long term. Our Customer Support Process provides the basics to manage the ongoing needs and expectations of customers. This includes network, hardware and software support, and maintenance management, through which requirements for future products and services are identified.
With attention highly focused on the customer, our management system identifies relevant processes that are applied to fulfill the successful transformation of the demands and expectations of customers. It focuses on the customer’s view of value when providing goods and services.

During the Hours of Support, AutoIntegrity will use reasonable commercial efforts to provide telephone, Internet and on-site support for your use of the Application Services in the form of consultations, assistance and advice.