Features & Benefits

Web-based Assessing System
AutoIntegrity is the 1st web base assessing system in Australia. Cost effective, cross platform, ease of deployment and maintenance makes web based the choice of technology today. AutoIntegrity captures information on claim, insured, third party, repairer, assessor, vehicle, repair costs, and salvage.

iPad Assessing Data Reporting

Apple iPad Reporting for the Assessing Mangers. A powerful real time reporting with our report engine and beautiful visual based graph reporting on Apple iPad

AutoIntegrity Booking Calendar

AutoIntegrity provides special assessment by allowing a certain numbers of jobs to be booked each day, including public holidays. This will help the claims team to coordinate with the motor assessors more effectively.

AutoIntegrity Diary system

Multi-user dairy system designed for motor assessing.

Desktop Assessing

AI system is designed around image assessing. Adjusting quotes, supplements and sending authorities to repairers electronically, within minutes the assessment is completed. Have everything in front of you on one screen, repairers quote, images, scanned documents and job notes.

Mobile Assessing

AI Mobile system is the ultimate tool for the Assessor on the road. With high contrast large fonts for the Australian sunny climate and a simplicity that makes you wish you had this ten years ago. Multi-touch design makes entering information while standing at the vehicle quick and easy. Quotes can be adjusted on-site and Authorities sent to the repairer in real time. Using the latest cost effective technology with the Apple iPad, you can even take and send photos directly to the job using the AutoIntegrity Apple app. Once the job has been completed the assessors report and necessary data are automatically sent to your claims system reducing delays and double entry.

99% Electronic

The problem with motor assessing systems today, is that they have two systems, an electronic system and a manual system where information can not be sent electronically. Thus the manual system creates the issue where the capture of information reduces the efficiency of the users involved in the assessing process.

AutoIntegrity has solved this problem with a two phase approach. First we have an intelligent robot that can read almost any quote or invoice sent by the repairer in an electronic format. Second if we receive a non electronic format such as a handwritten or faxed quote we provide an additional service where our data team will manually enter the quote or invoice with in 1 hour of receipt.

Part price validation

AutoIntegrity part price validation automatically detects if the part price is to high and warns the Assessor to “check part price”.

Independent Assessor

With AutoIntegrity the insurer can tap into a network of over 40 independent motor assessors around Australia already using AutoIntegrity as their choice of assessing systems. This allows for a standardised  reporting format and a reduction of double entry for both assessors and claims staff.

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